Why Epilepsy Support?
I created this website to help other people with Epilepsy, as you can see I am no medical expert but I do know that one of the best (and most honest) forms of support is through sharing your experiences with other people with Epilepsy and those that care for people with Epilepsy. For this purpose I created this website with both chat and forum message board posting facilities, to find out more about Epilepsy Support chat and forum click this link. I don't know all the answers but if you post or speak with other people with Epilepsy, they can help.

Post when you can chat and your time zone on the Chatterbox forum board. It will make it easier to meet others with Epilepsy or that care for people with Epilepsy. The Brain Waves and Raves forum board, is a forum specifically dedicated to discussion about Epilepsy issues.

I hope that this website can help you find the Epilepsy Support that you are looking for.

Much Love and a big <<HUG>> from Janey

My story so far...

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photo for my 1st seizures
Photo for School Days
Photo for Teacher Training College
Pupil drawn teacher picture
Pupil drawn computer picture
My Wedding Photo
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My first seizures...
School days
Teacher Training College
Epilepsy and my career
Why Epilepsy Support?