School days

My school work had always been average but it began to improve after I began taking my medication. When my class sat an exam for selection to the grammar schools, my parents decided against this because they did not want to put me under any additional stress that may cause me to have more seizures.

I did not find it easy to settle into my senior school. All my friends had gone to schools local to our primary school. Although I tried hard I found it difficult to make new friends. When I am stressed or nervous my eyes flutter which did not help the situation and I was teased and bullied at school.

Some how or other I managed to get through school, unfortunately I did not come out with very good exam results, so it took me longer to get the grades that I needed to go to college to train as a teacher. I remember when one set of exam results came back, I was encouraged to rethink my career choices and go for an alternative such as a NNEB which is the qualification for nursery nurses but I was not persuaded I wanted to be a teacher even if it took longer to get there by doing the resits.

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