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Teacher Training College

I enjoyed going to college, I chose a college where I could get home if I needed to but where I was not so near to my parents that if the going got tough, I could rush back to home. I had to learn to be independent.

I think my worse experience Epilepsy wise at college was when I had an external assessor come to see me teach in my final teaching practice. I had been very worried about it and as I was beginning the lesson he was going to assess. I started seeing the flashing lights, that are an aura I get and was unable to see the children for the lights.

I got up and left the classroom and went to the first aid office where I had a tonic clonic. I did manage to pass my degree and I began looking for a job. I applied to the London Borough of Redbridge and on the application form, one of the questions asked: Do you suffer from a serious medical condition or disability? I wrote that I do not have a disability or serious condition but I do have Epilepsy and I take medication to control it. It did not stop me from getting an interview or the job but I did have to have a medical check up. When I had the medical I was already teaching so they can't have been that worried about my suitability to teach.

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