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I don't hide my Epilepsy but at the same time I don't feel that I have to tell people as soon as I meet them. I want people to get to know me for me. Epilepsy is a part of me and I do talk about it feely and openly, if people treat me differently after I have told them about my Epilepsy then it is them that have a problem and not me. As a teenager I felt that nobody would ever fancy me but I know know that many teenagers feel that way with or without Epilepsy. This has not been the case and has not stopped people from asking me for a date.

When I got married the thing that I was most worried about was not whether or not my fiancé would turn up but whether or not I would have a big seizure coming down the isle. Some of the wedding photographs did come out with me in mid flutter but I did have a tonic clonic seizure whilst staying in a Bed and Breakfast (at the breakfast table) a few days later. Epilepsy is not something I am ashamed of, it is part of me. My husband has seen me drop to the floor, go rigid, go blue round the lips, my breathing slow so much that he thinks I have stopped but he is still there with a bucket or bowl, when I come round and feel sick.

After we got married it was always our intention to spend a couple of years(ish) with just the 2 of us as a married couple before starting a family. We had no idea just how difficult it would be. To find out more click on the children on the picture menu beloe;.

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