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Welcome to Epilepsy Support a website designed by a person with Epilepsy not a medical professional or company!

What are the aims of this site?
Welcome to Epilepsy Support, this site is designed to help anyone that needs support with Epilepsy related issues.
One of the biggest forms of support that you can discover is that you need not struggle in isolation; there are many other people who understand exactly how you feel through personal experience.

The people that have the greatest insight into the effects of Epilepsy are those who have it or who care for those with Epilepsy.
This site is totally independent; it is not associated with any specific medical body or association, company or charity.
The aim of this site is to support those that need it, read and print out the advice sheets that may help you.
This site is designed to provide a structure that helps people with Epilepsy and those that care for people with Epilepsy; to help each other.

What is the Epilepsy Support Community?
The Epilepsy Support forum is a growing community that can really make a difference for people with Epilepsy and for those that care for people with Epilepsy! No one with Epilepsy ever needs to feel alone or isolated. Follow this link to find out more about the Epilepsy Support Community Forum & Chat.

What is on the Epilepsy Support Information pages?
The Epilepsy Support Information pages contain advice pages (written from the perspective of someone with Epilepsy) for people that have been recently diagnosed with Epilepsy, appointments, medication & some practical advice on safety issues.
Additional Information is given in the Epilepsy Glossary & links to other website that offer support for people with Epilepsy.
My own Epilepsy story can also be found on the Epilepsy Support Information pages.
Please don't forget that this site has been compiled by a person with epilepsy and not a medical professional, if in doubt ask someone who is!