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Miss Ruby's QA

1 Have you got Epilepsy?
Yes, I have Epilepsy. I'm the only one in the family that has it. Thank the Lord.
2 When were you first diagnosed?
I was first diagnosed when I was six years old, I'm now 50
3 What type of Epilepsy do you have?
I have Grand Mal, and Petit Mal siezures. I'm also photosensitive.
I have Auras too, which feel like waves gently rolling over my head. It sounds like a nice sensation, but it's not. I know I'm in for trouble when those begin. It could mean a seizure almost at once or it might be within the next week, and that's a week with Auras.
I try to fight seizures off by saying a poem, that makes me concentrate on something else. It helps quite a lot.
I get a warning before a Grand Mal seizure. I don't know how to write this, it's not nice, but it feels as if my eyes are falling out. It feels so real, and scares me so much, that I have been known to search my bed before opening my eyes.
4a What medication do you currently take?

Tegretol Retard 400mg 3 times a day= 1200mg
Frisium, (Clobazam) 20mg at night= 20mg

I'm also on HRT

4b What other medication have you taken in the past to control your Epilepsy?
I have taken:- Phenobarbitone, Epilim, Epanutin, Phenytoin, Lamotrigine and countless others. If I had a list of E drugs before me I could pick them out, but as it is the memory won't bring them to the front. Sorry.

Any other info you want to share?

The Doctors can't tell me why I have Epilepsy. However my Mum wonders if it might be the cause of, either the use or forceps when I was born, (I was a breach birth) or Measles. I was very ill with that when I was between the ages 3-5. There were no vaccines for it in those days.

I have a son, he's 30 and dosn't have Epilepsy. He does have a growth defect with his finger nails though. The nail beds are there but he's only got thumb nails. The doctors have all been rather vague as to the cause. "It might have been the Phenobarbitone." I was once told, but as I said, he was very vague about it.

I hope this helps you. Love, Ruby.xxx