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Josie babes QA

1 If you don't have Epilepsy, are you the parent / wife / husband / child / boyfriend / girlfriend / carer (etc) of someone with E?
I am Mum to Kyle, aged 8, and Beth, aged 10, who both have epilepsy and learning difficulties.
2 When were they first diagnosed?
Beth was diagnosed at 14 months old and Kyle at age 3.
3 What type of Epilepsy do they have?
They have both been diagnosed with atypical absence seizures which are generalized seizures.
4a What medication do they currently take?
Beth currently takes Lamotrigine (change to Keppra in September) and Kyle currently takes Topamax.
4b What other medication have they taken in the past to control their Epilepsy?
Kyle- Tegretol, Epilim, Epilim Chrono, Lamotrigine, Diazepam and 2 steroid drugs I've forgotten the name of.
Beth- Epilim, Topamax, Lamotrigine and Midazolam.