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Flopsta's QA
Okie dokie here I go ...

1a Have you got Epilepsy?
I have Epilepsy
1b Are you the parent / wife / husband / child / boyfriend / girlfriend / carer (etc) of someone with Epilepsy?
Interestingly, my aunt also has Epilepsy
2 When were you first diagnosed?
2000 - after a bad bout of glandular fever
3 What type of Epilepsy do you have?

The latest version was generalised non-specific epilepsy - whatever that means.

4a What medication do you currently take?

Epilim: 600mg twice a day, Tegretol 300mg AM,400mg PM, Keppra 500mg twice a day. I'm suprised I don't make a rattling noise as I walk.

4b What other medication have you taken in the past to control your Epilepsy?
All of them - according to the doc anyway
5 Any other info you want to share?

I used to suffer from panic attacks and have this one little piece of advice: keep on keeping on. Life gets better. Eventually....

6 Link to your website:

Website - that's a funny one!