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Afradancer's QA

1 Have you got Epilepsy?
2 When were you first diagnosed?
18 Nov 2003
3 What type of Epilepsy do you have?
Tonic-Clonic, Partial sz when I see flashing lights and Absence sz.
4a What medication do you currently take?

Just started on Lamictal @25mgs per day. This is due to go up a lot, but not sure yet what the increments are going to be.

4b What other medication have you taken in the past to control your Epilepsy?

Any other info you want to share?


I have Lupus (SLE & Vasculitis) for which I take a lot of medication:
Tranexamic Acid 2 x 500mg per day
Hydroxzyzine (Atarax) up to 90mg per day
Cimetidine 2 x 400mg per day
Celecoxib 1 x 200mg per day
Co-Dydramol 200mg up to 3 times per day.
Metoclopramide 3 10mg per day

Becotide and Ventolin for Asthma too!

6 Link to your website:

Afra's Web Site

I hope this helps!
Afra x