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Shaun's QA

1 Have you got Epilepsy?
Yes I have Epilepsy
2 When were you / they first diagnosed?
When I was 21 years old
3 What type of Epilepsy do you have?
Temple lobe. Simple Partial seizures Auras. I also have grand mal [tonic clonic] as well.
4a What medication do you currently take?
Lamictal 400mg-Epanutin 400 mg-Rivotril 1.5mg
4b What other medication have you taken in the past to control your Epilepsy?
Epilim Tegretrol
5 Any other info you want to share?
My E is controlled and has been for 8 years now but I still get small Auras
My E has been caused by a fall from a bikecycle when I was around 10 years old I have a scare on my brain. But it was not till I was 21 years old until i had my first seizure
6 Here are some photographs of Shaun at work.
  This is Shaun working on a roof This is Shaun working on a site