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Janet's QA

1a Have you got Epilepsy?
I have epilepsy.
1b Are you the parent / wife / husband / child / boyfriend / girlfriend / carer (etc) of someone with Epilepsy?
My brother has epilepsy. He is a year older than me and his started when he was 14.
2 When were you first diagnosed?
I had seizures when I was a child approximatly from age 3-8. Started again in my mid 20's on a Christmas eve.
3 What type of Epilepsy do you have?
I have gran mal seizures. I have only had two when I was awake, the rest when I sleep.
4a What medication do you currently take?
I am taking dilantin now.
4b What other medication have you taken in the past to control your Epilepsy?
You mention it, I took it.
5 Any other info you want to share?
I have aura's with my seizure's, my brother does not. I am all out of sorts afterwards, they don't faze him. But, I drive to work everyday, I am married, I have a 24 year old son and two stepsons, 18 and 25. My brother has always had to live with my parents due to the severity of his seizures. No one else in our family had epilepsy.