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Cazzy's QA

1 Have you got Epilepsy?
I have Epilepsy
2 When were you first diagnosed?
I was first diagnosed in early 2001, aged 21. However I had been having seizures for at least a year before that. The seizures started after I had meningitis.
3 What type of Epilepsy do you have?
I have generalized epilepsy - I have almost exclusively Tonic-Clonic Seizures.
4 What medication do you currently take?
I'm currently on Tegretol Retard 600mg twice a day. I've only ever been on Tegretol.
5 Any other info you want to share?

I am also an Insulin Dependent Diabetic, for over 18 years. I have recently started using an insulin pump and its changed my life. Epilepsy and diabetes do affect one another because poor diabetic control makes me more likely to have seizures, and the epilepsy makes me more likely to have a seizure if my blood sugar drops too low.

I'm also a dental student. My epilepsy has caused a few problems and I had to take a year out. But I got an extra degree in that time and now I've been accepted back, which proves that no matter how bad things get, theres always hope of getting through it. At one point I was having several seizures a day, now I haven't had one in a few months. And of course ESupport has really helped me get my confidence back!