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Members of the Epilepsy Support community have their say!
"The Welcoming, caring and open friendships that ESupport will create is outstanding. The supportive nature of members of ESupport is wonderful, you will be right at home, amongst caring and supportive people."
"For understanding of epilepsy there are none better at it than people who are in daily contact with it...people with epilepsy themselves. On this site, we try to cater for all needs, support, help and even a good old fashioned belly laugh. It is a site that is expanding and with a growing membership holds out the hand of friendship to all who care to come and join us."
"ESupport will hold out that hand of friendship and support that so many of us need on an all too regular basis. The community is expanding daily and no issue will go unanswered - someone is always there for you. Come and join the family today."
"Although I've had epilepsy for nearly 20 years, I've never before spoken to another sufferer. I find it refreshing, perhaps even a relief to communicate and share the same problems. Caring, supportive people with such an unpredictable burden to bear. Great site."
"When I was first diagnosed as having E I felt very isolated and knew absolutely no-one else who suffered from it. Nor did I know where do get any support. I'm sure if I had found this community then that life would have been a little different for me and my family."
"There are some negative attitudes towards E and sadly some stigma still attached. This is mainly through fear and ignorance and so this community helps to promote a better understanding of E . No one is medically trained, but there is empathy, friendship and support and also a chance to share experiences with people who have a common bond. Also as much information as possible is provided by Janey."
"I enjoy all the forums, learn from them, laugh a lot in Bounce Back and am able to express myself in other ways, e.g. with poetry, in Rainbow's Promise. I spend a lot of time on these pages and feel very safe and comfortable here."
"After reading the warmth and depth of postings I felt that I wanted to belong to such an inspiring group. I loved the way people were honest and open about their feelings and how each posting has a lovely response."
"I think that if we can be with people who can completely empathise with how it feels to have E then it is wonderful environment to be in. I have experienced extreme negativity towards my E, and many people still link it with mental illness. I believe that everyone here can teach the public in how E affects us and our activities of daily living then we may find society more tolerant, informed and accept us alongside other people without E."
"E doesn't happen to everyone, those who have it I believe are chosen for a reason, to make a difference and to change opinions and values. This site is a part of this, I really admire all the work that has gone into it, and I also admire all the members postings, they all have meanings to me. The site is well set out, and a cheery place."

All these quotes are genuine and can be found on the Epilepsy Support Forum, written by members.
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Epilepsy Support Community Chat
If you want to speak to other people with Epilepsy then join our Epilepsy Support Community Forum. Then post a time in the Chatterbox Forum so other people will know when to meet you, This is a great way to get to know the other members of the Epilepsy Support Community Forum but you will need to join the Epilepsy Support Community Forum before organising a Chat time!
(Otherwise you will find that you are talking to yourself!.)