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Common sense precautions
Just because a person has Epilepsy it does not mean that they have to stop having fun.

If you want to go horse riding, swimming or skiing go with a friend and tell your instructor. Never go swimming or riding alone it is not worth the risk of being trampled on by the horse or drowning.

Showers are considered safer than baths but if you are having either, why not sing! If there is someone else in your house or flat with you, they will be able to hear that you are alright and you will keep your privacy.

If you have seizures where you go unconscious, it is worth investing in an identify bracelet which states that you have Epilepsy. If something does happen people can check to see what your medical condition is and give you appropriate medication if needed.

If you have photosensitive Epilepsy then avoid flashing lights. Your doctor should be able to tell you which types of lighting to avoid. Strobe lights and special effects laser light shows can cause seizures. If you find yourself in a place with these sorts of lighting then cover one eye with your palm (not your fingers).

People with pattern sensitive Epilepsy can also have seizures triggered by narrow stripes. If you hold your arm out in front of you and look at your thumb. If you can see over three stripes behind your thumb tip, cover your eye with your palm. Escalators have stripes on each step, take a quick glance down (palm over eye), then look straight ahead. If you can go on the step behind someone when you go down and go in front when going up.

Be aware that if you are travelling along a road which has trees each side, the light may flicker as you pass. If in doubt cover your eye.

In an office or classroom where there is a flickering strip light, tell the person whose job it is to change the light and if you can turn it off.

Be aware of computer monitors if they are not set to a high enough refresh rate they will flicker. Even in tight space, don't allow your face to get too close to the monitor screen. Be aware of web sites that flash or flicker, sometimes this occurs as a screen is refreshed, for example chat rooms. If a web site affects your Epilepsy send the webmaster an email explaining what has happened and asking if they could see if there was a way of stopping this problem.

Some video games have graphics that can trigger seizures, look carefully at packaging to see if they have a warning label on them and read reviews to see if a games has graphics that may trigger a seizure.